The Gene Blueprint Kit

It takes a very special product for me to offer it to my clients. I'm approached constantly about different products, but I've turned them all down, until now! 

The Gene Blueprint kit is different because it tests DNA to give clients information on what fitness is best for them and what nutrition is best for them. 

Maybe you are a runner but your body performs the best when weight lifting. Maybe you have been doing HIIT exercises, but you are genetically an endurance athlete. This test will take the guesswork out of your workouts. 

You will also get access to a workout app called Trainerize that has been designed by a professional trainer and based upon your body's genetic makeup. 

If you have been debating carbohydrates your whole adult life the guessing game is over! You will know what levels of carbohydrates and fats your body can handle. 

You will also get insight into vitamin deficiencies and other facts about your genetics!

Purchase the kit today and pair it with one of my programs to get an even more personalized plan. 

Gene Blueprint

Gene Blueprint

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