Bounce Back This January

The holidays can take a toll on your diet. I don't mean the foods you are restricting yourself from eating, I mean the foods that you eat daily. You may have had more sugar than usual, more processed carbs than usual, and more alcohol than usual. It happens to the best of us! Don't let January feel like it's taunting you and it's going to be a daunting task to get back on your normal schedule. Start the new year out with easy little changes and get back to feeling like your normal self again! Here are a few tricks that I recommend!

  1. Start the Detoxing in the Morning I don't mean that you have to do a juice cleanse or anything like that! That would just leave the everyone hangry and defeated! Start your day off with some chia seed pudding with almond milk and blueberries. Chia seeds are a natural detoxifier for your body. They scrape along the inside of your intestines and pull up toxins and bacteria that aren't good for you. I recommend doing this for a week to get your body feeling normal again. 

  2. Drink More Water The only way you are going to reap the benefits of that chia seed detox is if you have plenty of water to help it along. Drink at least 50 oz of water to replenish your cells. With the toxins being pulled out the water will help to flush everything from your system and then fortify your cells afterwards. Your skin will start to look much healthier with this process!

  3. Eat Fruits and Veggies, Limit Animal Products No one wants to start cooking heavy and lengthy meals after the holidays, and that's great because you really don't need to! Cook light meals that are nutrient packed. I recommend doing a veggie stir fry with broccoli, peas, carrots, and potatoes topped with your favorite hummus. It's a filling meal with a great amount of protein and fiber that will leave you feeling very full. You can also eat vegan soups, like  a minestrone soup. They are packed with nutrients and are perfect for a winter day. Try to limit animal proteins for three days so that you can give your body a full jump start to get back on track. Sometimes meat isn't fully digested and can sit in your lower intestine. With all of the holiday foods it's important to give your body a chance to process all of that meat and expel it from your body. 

  4. Drink Tea at 2:00 PM In the afternoons drink a cup of green or red tea. It will inject your body with more antioxidants and help with the cleansing that you are started in the morning. It can also help to curb cravings that you have for sweets. Typically, at 2:00 PM is when you're going to get a sweet craving and drinking a cup of tea can calm that down and keep you on the right track to getting back to your healthier eating. 

  5. Reduce the Alcohol I know that during the holidays everyone is pretty much drinking every. single. day. It takes a toll on your cells, especially your skin cells. You will notice your skin isn't as vibrant and bouncy with all of the drinking. Give yourself at least five days off from alcohol. Your body will have a chance to expel the extra toxins in the liver and intestines that have been built up. If you aren't drinking alcohol it will also give your liver a chance to cleanse it's cells and other organs. 

The greatest part about doing these five things is that you are taking in far less calories than you were previously. Your body will be able to shed it's toxins and you may even lose weight because you are eating more plants!  I am sure many of you are wondering why I didn't include exercising in my list. I don't like to overwhelm people and the diet is truly the most important way to get your body back on track. I highly encourage exercise, but I know for some people this list will feel tasking enough.

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