Cooking With Your Kids

I will say the best thing quarantine has done for me and my son was the new habit of cooking together. Everyday we whip up something together. Sometimes it's pizza dough, sometimes it's scones, and sometimes it's a soup recipe we can make together. With all of the cool cooking gadgets we have now kids can get more involved than they have before!

I got the idea of baking with my son from a friend of mine. She posted a sweet video of her daughter making cupcakes with her and putting all of the ingredients into her kitchen aide mixer. I thought, well that is something I can do with my kiddo easily! He can add ingredients into a bowl. Mind you, he is 20 months old, but we have been baking together for a few months now.

Once I started including him in the baking process then I realized how easy it would be to have him help me make dinner using an instapot and an instapot blender. He can add in the ingredients and we can let the gadgets work their magic.

He loves cooking with me and being involved and he loves saying HOT HOT! when the oven is on or something is in the frying pan. Here are my top tips on how to get your kiddos involved in the cooking and baking process that will be fun for both of you and won't leave your kitchen a total nightmare. You may use more bowls than you are used to, but there won't be ingredients everywhere.

1. Find a recipe that you can easily use a mixer with, i.e. scones, bread, and muffins.

2. Measure all of the ingredients out into bowls before starting the cooking process. I put all of the wet ingredients together in one bowl so I don't end up with 15 bowls on my counter top.

3. Put the bowls in order of what ingredients you are going to use first. Then you will know what order to go in without having to constantly reference your recipe.

4. Have your kids stand in a stand (I have a cooking stand) or stand on a chair, a stool, or maybe even cook on the kitchen table where your kids can reach everything.

5. Then turn on the mixer and let your kids get involved! I hold the bowls of ingredients and let my son pour them into the mixing bowl with me. Then he likes to look in and see what is happening. We go through all of the bowls together and then I hold him up so he can see what it looks like to mix everything.

6. Get their hands dirty. I have been doing dough with my son so he can knead it and play with it. He loves smushing it together and rolling it out. I think this is his favorite part of the entire process.

7. You put everything in the oven and then once it comes out let them taste their creation!

My son loves doing this each afternoon. Today I'm going to try and do an instant pot recipe with him so he can put in all of the ingredients and help make our dinner. He also loves to stir things in the frying pan. I think getting kids involved in cooking is a great way to teach them about food, teach them about measuring, and to teach them a new thing! Each recipe is something new for kids so having them cook something different with you is like a new activity for them!

Let me know if you are cooking with your kids and what you are making!

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