Don't Cook With Oil or Butter

I know it tastes delicious to cook with butter, but you know there is trans fat and saturated fat in butter. Maybe you made a change to cook with oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, or grapeseed oil. Did you know that oils have barely any nutrients in them and they are really just providing you with more calories? If you didn't then I'm glad I can shed some light on this topic!

When you eat oils you are eating a stripped portion of the food, such as olives. It is better off to just eat some olives if you want nutrients from them. You are only getting maybe 5% of the nutrients from the olives when you eat the oil. Why is this important? If you are wanting to eat nutrient dense food then that means you want to get the most you possibly can from the foods in your diet (see Your Diet is Basic Economics). If you are including oil then you aren't getting as many nutrient dense foods as possible. What can you do to change this?

I recommend using vegetable broth in place of oils and butter. Make sure the broth is low in sodium, because you can get a huge dose in one serving. You can also make your own broth very easily and control the sodium content. Vegetable broth has nutrients from the vegetables it is made from, it steams your vegetables, and it enhances the flavor of your vegetables. 

You don't like broth or you don't want to use anything? Not a problem! You can cook your vegetables by roasting them in the oven. NO, you don't need to spray them with oil before going in the oven. Chop up your vegetables, heat the oven to 410-425 degrees and roast your vegetables for about 20-30 minutes. Every time I roast my vegetables they come out perfectly delicious. You can also season the vegetables and get additional flavors. 

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