Eating Plants Will Stop Your Dieting

I work with many people that just want to lose weight and get back on track with their lives. I don’t like giving people a ‘diet’ to go on, but some clients just don’t want to go all in plants (I really can’t imagine why). But, for those clients that do go all in on plants I am very excited to share how quickly their body’s changed and they achieved the weight they wanted.

  1. My brother.

  • My brother has struggled with his weight his entire life. He wasn’t in tune with his body and wasn’t entirely sure if he was allergic to foods or having an immune response to food (like gluten). I made my brother my first guinea pig when I started my company and put him on a plant based diet to give his body a rest. He lost 14 pounds in two weeks. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend this, but his body was letting go of so much weight and able to heal itself. He lost a total of 44 pounds and has, for the first time, been able to understand how to maintain his weight.

  1. My mom.

  • My mom wasn’t completely on board with a whole foods plant based diet until she read, “The China Study”. After reading it she jumped into the plant based pool head first. She has always had an issue with dairy and didn’t have much trouble removing meat and eggs from her diet. My mom started a plant based diet in her early sixties and lost a total of 40 pounds. She is back to the weight she was when she married my father.

  • My Canadian client. A young woman in Canada hired me to help her with weight loss. She was frustrated and didn’t really want to be on a diet but she wanted to make a change. She was already following a vegetarian diet and was willing to drop eggs and cheese. The pounds started melting away and she met her goal within two months. She was back wearing clothes she had in her closet that she was waiting to get back into. She dropped a total of 20 pounds.

  • My realtor. I’ve been friends with my realtor for years and he came to me wanting to make a change and just overall feel better. He started on a plant based diet with me and within two months lost 15 pounds (he didn’t need to lose much more than that). He not only lost weight but he had more energy, a better attitude, and started telling everyone he knew about how great he was feeling. I partner with him now to speak with other realtors about how plant based can help change them.

  • My first heart disease patient. This patient worked with me to drop cholesterol, plaque, and triglycerides but had the great side effect of losing 30 pounds. He didn’t come to me with the goal of wanting to lose weight but happened to lose weight because he was on a plant based diet. He loves to do difficult cycling workouts through the Texas hill country and now has more energy and stamina to do so.

  • My fatty liver patient. I’m still working with this client to be completely cured of fatty liver but the side effect of being on a plant based diet and working on fatty liver is that you lose weight! This client has already lost 10 pounds and has been working with me for one month. Stay tuned for more to come!

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