Eating Seasonal Produce

I had never really taken the time to look into the importance of buying produce in season until I heard a comment about the Queen of England never eating anything that wasn’t seasonal. You may find this silly, but the Queen has aged well and has lived a very long life so she much be doing something right! I decided to look into why it’s important to eat foods that are in season and the Queen just might be onto something!

When you buy fresh produce that is not in season it is shipped from somewhere else in the world where it is in season. Once produce is picked it can start to lose it’s nutrients.

According to The Food Journal,

“The length of time that fruits and veggies stay on the vine, ground or tree contributes to both nutrient content and flavor. The longer foods are able to ripen naturally on the vine, the higher their nutrient content, and usually, the richer their taste.

In order to ship long distances, produce is picked before it is ripe. In some cases, as in the case of tomatoes, they are picked when green and then ripened with a gas in the states to turn them red. Nutrient content and taste are certainly affected.

It’s a double-edged sword. Global shipping opens our access to fruits and vegetables we might not be able to get in the States, as well as offering us potentially lower prices. It also enables us to enjoy most fruits and veggies year-round, instead of just seasonally. But nutrient loss and a lack of flavor are the obvious trade offs.”

I try to get the most nutrients as possible from my foods, so why would I buy a 50% off nutrient broccoli? The more I researched the more information came to light that frozen foods may be the best way to get nutrients from foods that are off season! Things that are great to buy frozen are: broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, peaches, and corn.

It would be better to eat seasonal foods and get the most nutrients domestically while also supporting your local farmers!

I think the best part about eating seasonal foods is that it forces you to try new recipes and get out of a rut of eating the same seven to eight dishes. You may check out foods you have never cooked with like butternut squash, pumpkin, radishes, winter squash, and turnips. Your body will benefit from getting nutrients from newly discovered foods. It’s important to put new things into your body and not the same foods that you are eating. Your body doesn’t have to work very hard to break down the exact same foods.

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