Even the GOAT is Plant Based

Who am I talking about when I say the GOAT? TOM BRADY. Yes, even Tom Brady (arguably the greatest quarterback of all time), is plant based. Not only is Tom Brady plant based, but he has his own meal kit service. He has partnered with Purple Carrot to make his own meal kit that is designed for high performing individuals- athletes. 

Why is Tom Brady plant based? He has claimed that eating clean, plant based meals has helped him to stay at the top of his game for years. It helps with his inflammation and bouncing back after games so he is ready for the next week. Plant based diets have helped to prevent and reverse diseases, boost antioxidants, promote immunity, and fight inflammation. It's no wonder the best football player and his stunning super model wife swear by it. 

The power couple does have small amounts of animal meat, but it is a very small portion on their plates. Their diet is made up mostly with whole plant based foods. 

According to the couple's chef, Allen Campbell:

"For me, getting rid of dairy was really big and other people have seen that as soon as they drop dairy they can breathe better, their skin looks better, and even with gluten as well. Sometimes, it's just eliminating some of those, I call them toxic ingredients that we put into our body to allow the other ingredients to come through and be the star of the show, instead of these heavy, fatty, salty, sugary foods taken over our palette. When I got rid of white sugar and white flour, I had cravings, but as soon as I retrained my brain, my body stopped asking for it. My nervous system and my reward system was no longer looking for that quick fix that I didn't even know I was doing to myself. It takes time to break old habits, but stick through it. My biggest recommendation is to gravitate towards like minded people."

If the GOAT swears by it, it can't be such a bad idea!

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