Feeding a Toddler

For those of you who don't know I have recently become a mother! My husband and I adopted an 18month old. When we met him he was eating all processed foods and drinking some kind of sugar water daily- high-c, capri sun, gatorade, punch.. he drank sugar ALL DAY.

Obviously, that doesn't fly with me!

The first thing I did was detox our little dude. That may sound like a terrible idea to many parents, but I knew if he was going to have any chance at sleeping well and growing properly I needed to stop this bad habit immediately. He chugs water all day and he eats like a little champ. He loves veggies, fruits, and mostly carbs. He would eat pasta for every meal if I would let him. His all time favorite food is pesto. If I put pesto on anything he packs it in!

He doesn't eat any foods that have more than five grams of sugar in them and I make him try a new food every week. The first week we tried everything from pesto pasta with broccoli to vegan quesadillas with sweet potatoes and black beans, and kale gnocchi. Today he tried falafel and he absolutely loved it! With all of the great new foods he is trying he is teething like crazy!

For those of you that aren't aware when babies and toddlers have nutrient dense food and they are getting the nutrients they need it can show up in teething. If they all of a sudden have a huge burst in getting new teeth then it can show you they were lacking nutrients before.

Our little man arrived with about six teeth and he now has eleven teeth. We have had him for a little over three weeks and that is a lot of new teeth in a very short period of time! Obviously, he was lacking in the nutrition department and he is catching up!

Because he is getting so many new nutrients and such high levels of them in every bite he is also sleeping extremely well!

He naps about an hour and a half to two hours a day and he sleeps 11-13 hours every night. A friend of mine introduced me to Little Z Sleepers and with their expertise we have been able to teach our little man to soothe himself to sleep and if he wakes up he can put himself back down. Thank you Little Z Sleepers! But, because he doesn't have sugar it also guarantees he doesn't have a very big spike in his blood sugar that wakes him up during the night. He can sleep soundly without interruptions!

I will add updates to how I'm feeding our son over the weeks and add in any tricks I've learned so far. I definitely hide crushed kale in almost everything I make so he is always getting a full serving of greens at every meal. I made vegan mac n cheese and made a cashew cream with kale and broccoli blended into it. He shoveled it all down and had no clue he was getting tons of veggies!

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