Ginger for PMS

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

No woman wants to deal with cramping, bloating, hot flashes, irritability, and anger. Those are just a few symptoms that I know have plagued me and plague other women, but they are certainly not the only things that women deal with from month to month!

I discovered the benefits of ginger for PMS when I was doing my first certification. I was studying a section on holistic nutrition and how different foods really have benefits specifically for women. Here is some literature from on what ginger can do for PMS:

"Ginger is effective for cramps and reduces bleeding when an eighth of a teaspoon of ginger powder is taken three times a day during one’s period. This is important since up to 18 million young women in the United States experience iron deficiency anemia due to heavy menstrual bleeding. In a study, the amount of blood loss was estimated using a scoring system that gave points for level of saturation and clot size. On ginger, they went from half a cup per period down to a quarter cup. Ginger appears to be a highly effective treatment for the reduction of menstrual blood loss. It is cheap, at only about 6 cents a month, easy to use, and may have fewer side effects than medications and invasive approaches, even sometimes fewer than placebo.

Ginger may also work better for premenstrual syndrome (PMS). An eighth of a teaspoon twice a day of ginger powder for a week before one’s period yields a significant drop in PMS mood, physical, and behavioral symptoms, whereas fennel may help with PMS anxiety and depression but not with the emotional or physical symptoms."

After reading this and other research on ginger I started to include ginger my daily diet. I take a turmeric and ginger supplement every day and after about a month I had my first period and I had barely any cramping, no bloating, and I had the lightest period I've ever experienced. I've now taken the supplement for almost a year and my periods have gone from six days to three or four days and the intensity has slowly but surely declined.  I've also included B12 into my routine and it has extremely improved my mood, especially around the time of my period. 

Let me know if you use ginger and if it has helped with your periods!

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