Healthy Valentine's Day

Roses are red, Violets are blue... blah blah blah. Most people love going to a fancy dinner on Valentine's day and that's great. Usually, those dinners are ones to indulge in. You may eat a juicy steak, some creamy buttery mashed potatoes, and have some great wine. Here is why Valentine's day can really throw a wrench in your health plans.

Let's pretend it's February 14th or even the 15th or 16th so you can celebrate your loved one on a weekend. Christmas was 51 days ago (or 52/53 depending on when you celebrate), and New Year's Eve was 43 days ago. You may be wondering why this has any meaning in your life, but this matters to you if you are working on losing weight.

You probably decided on January 1st that you were going to lose weight this year, or get healthier. You over indulged at the holidays and now you need to get back to your goals. This may be the same goal set every year, but this year is different. You are actually making an effort. So, you are going strong for a little over a month and then Valentine's Day hits.

If you have been going strong with sticking with a diet and eating healthier than it's important to not interrupt that momentum. Valentine's Day can be considered the last of the holidays or the first day that you officially fall off of your healthy streak. I'm not trying to put a damper on a very lovely holiday, but I don't want anyone to over indulge and then go back to their old ways.

So, how do you celebrate Valentine's day and not fall off of your healthy wagon? Choose your food and drink choices wisely.

When ordering dinner choose the fish or veggie choice over the chicken, beef, or pork. Instead of that creamy side choose steamed vegetables. Instead of an overly decadent chocolate cake choose chocolate covered strawberries. And, instead of choosing that deep red wine pick the sparkling wine. Make sure to drink plenty of water and get back on your regular schedule the next day.

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