Holiday Gift Guide for the Health Nut

Sometimes it can be hard shopping for the health nut in your life, or as my family likes to call me- a health freak. They don't want anything with sugar, dairy, gluten.. or fun! So what do you buy them that they will enjoy?

1. How Not to Die Book

Maybe they think they are following the right diet, and maybe they have never heard of what a plant-based diet can do for them! Either way, this book will be very enlightening for anyone who is interested or obsessed with nutrition!

2. How Not to Diet Book

If you know someone who is constantly following a fad diet and may need some help in that department then give them this book! It's Dr. Greger's newest addition and has rave reviews of how to properly look at food, calories, and nutrients.

3. The Vegan Instapot Cookbook

If you know someone who wants to be healthy but just doesn't have the time, then give the gift of easy healthy recipes! I love so many of the recipes in here and am constantly trying them and sharing with clients!

4. Cheeky t-shirts (try this one as well)

Cute little stocking stuffers that can be worn year-round!

5. Metal straws

For those that care about the environment and want to cut down on their plastic consumption!

6. Give the gift of eco-friendly hydration!

Continuing along the lines of eco loving gifts why not continue to cut down on plastic consumption with a fancy reusable water bottle!

7. Keep them counting their steps

For those that can't get enough of tracking their steps, sleep habits, and activity give them something that will take it all to the next level!

8. Cold Brew Matcha

For those that want a cup of greens with their morning breakfast, a cup of matcha can be just the thing!

9. Thrive Market Gift Card

If you care about eco friendly products and packaging then this may be the best way to get them while shopping! Try Thrive Market and all of their unique brands at cheaper prices.

10. Mindfulness Cards

This engaging deck makes it easy to bring awareness, calm, and joy to everyday life. Each card includes an inspiring phrase on the front and a bite-size mindfulness exercise on the back. Users can draw one card to form an intention for the day, pull several for a more complex reading, or display around the home or office as inspiring mantras.

11. Orchid Facial Oil

A facial oil that defends against free radicals, supports natural elasticity and contains beneficial vitamins and fatty acids. Anyone would be thrilled to use this for an everyday routine, especially on chilly days!

12. Digital Detox Kit

The average person spends 24 hours per week online. Ditch your gadgets and recharge yourself with the new Digital Detox™ Kit by Pinch Provisions, complete with 8 essentials to help you power off.

13. Hydrate and Glow Mini Skin Care Kit

For deep moisture and gorgeous radiance, the HYDRATE + GLOW Natural Skincare Mini Collection is your complete skincare ritual.

Suitable for all skin. Especially beneficial for dry types in need of deep hydration and renewal. 

Target concerns: + Dryness + Dullness + Redness + Uneven skin texture/tone

14. Cup of Love Tea

Cup of Love is a mild, nurturing, naturally sweet rose tea. Crafted by hand to reduce stress and soothe your soul. A floral olfactory release, just like a hug from your grandma (according to the makers)

15. Bath Bomb Chill Pills

Need to gift a relaxing bath with wafting scents of jasmine, rose, jojoba, hemp, and safflower? Then try the Chill Pills to melt the stress and worry away, for a little while at least.

16. Truffle Oil (for heavenly pasta)

Want to give the healthy chef in your life an ingredient that can turn almost any dish heavenly? Gift this organic truffle oil!

17. Non-toxic Bright Eyes Treatment

This high-performing, nutrient-rich eye-brightening duo is the ultimate defense against fatigued holiday eyes. It is also non-toxic, gluten-free, allergen-free, and free of chemicals.

18. For Luxury Get a Peloton

If you want to go all out this holiday then give the gift of days of exercise.

19. Instant Pot Blender (the cheaper vitamix)

If you want to make soup in a blender this is for you! Want to make peanut butter, nut butters, smoothies, nut milks? This is it! To top it all of it's the cheaper cousin of the Vitamix.

20. Non-toxic Pan Set

If you want to give the health nut in your life peace of mind when it comes to cooking then look no further than these non-toxic, non-stick, pans!

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