How Gluten Thwarted My Health Efforts

I love bread, crackers, pasta, bagels (oh how I love bagels), and pretty much all things with wheat! I went through a health journey where I went plant based and saw remarkable changes to my life and my body. I was still eating foods with gluten in them at the time and truly didn't think anything of it.

My diet was about 98% clean consisting of fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, nuts, grains and seeds. I would from time to time indulge in a vegan cheese or vegan dessert, but for the most part I was knocking back as many fresh foods as I could get my hands on.

I noticed that after a while I was very bloated and was thinking that maybe I was allergic to certain fruits or vegetables- not unheard of. I started paying attention to what I was eating, but I never thought for one second to consider gluten.

Now, this may seem off topic, but just follow me and you will see how this connects. I got the 23 and Me kit about a year ago because I wanted to see if I have the BRCA genes. A few months after getting all of my test results back (no BRCA genes!), I got a notification that 23 and Me had other genetic properties it tested. I opened my profile to find that I have the HLA-DQ1 gene, which can be related to gluten sensitivity. Not everyone who has the HLA-DQ genes have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, but they can be an indicator. I decided to take it a step further and see if this was actually true of me.

I removed gluten from my diet an within two days the bloating and lymph node swelling were gone. I continued to not have gluten for about a month and then had a wonderful piece of sourdough bread. That really didn't do anything to me, so I had a bowl of pasta. The next day I was extremely bloated and my throat was slightly swollen. I realized I probably do have a gluten sensitivity and I need to stay away from it.

I haven't been eating gluten for three months now and my body is completely different. I used to be bloated every night when going to bed and I don't see that anymore. I recommend that anyone who thinks they may have a food sensitivity get it check out with a doctor or get it tested from a sensitivity test. You may not be having weight loss issues or weight gain issues, you may have a food allergy, sensitivity, or intolerance.

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