How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

The scale can be a very scary device for some people. It can show how far away you are from where you want to be and it can also show you how close you are to a goal that you want to accomplish. But are you truly weighing in too much and obsessing over the numbers?

Many people get stuck on numbers instead of healthfulness when going through weight-loss. I'm not saying the scale is bad but it can ruin a path to healthfulness because people get obsessed with the numbers and forget to focus on the food, fitness, and emotional health. With all of that being said it doesn't mean that you should never step on the scale. Like everything else moderation is key! 

So the the information you actually came to this article for-  how often should you weigh yourself?

Once a week is a good number for weighing yourself. I like Tuesday as a weigh in day because Monday is a little too overwhelming after a weekend and because you are off to work after a couple of days off.

If you find that you are obsessing over your next weigh in then change your schedule to weighing in every two weeks. You never want weigh in day to be something you constantly think about or are looking forward to and so you start to crash diet. 

Be sure to not wear shoes when you are weighing yourself and weigh yourself first thing in the morning after you have gone to the bathroom. 

Now, if you are an athlete and you are sweating excessively and are worried about keeping your water levels up then you should be weighing yourself before and after your workouts. You will need to drink two glasses of water for every pound you have lost during your workout. It's very important to keep your water levels healthy!

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