How Plants Changed a Life- Client Success Story

I know that sometimes it can be hard to be on this health journey with me, and at times you may be wondering can I really do this? I know I encourage all of you that you absolutely can, but I think sharing how others have succeeded may be a better avenue to keep you all moving forward!

Client X (no, that is not his name but I believe in anonymity), called me urgently in July concerned about his health. He had just seen his doctor and was notified that if he didn’t start making some serious changes he was looking at the possibility of a heart attack within a couple of years. He was staring at some overwhelming numbers in his lipid panel and he felt defeated. I’m so thankful he was given my number because I was able to tell him my number one rule with clients: If I’m not panicking, you don’t get to panic. I knew his numbers weren’t great, but we weren’t defeated.

I knew we could turn things around, but I knew it would be an arduous road (albeit a short one). We got to work simplifying his diet down from an animal heavy one to a whole foods plant based diet. It took weeks of convincing and encouraging, but he finally found his sweet spot of seeing changes. I won’t say that there weren’t bumps in the road where Client X wasn’t so sure about my methods, but he trusted my process. He worked hard every day to stick with the whole foods plant based diet. 

After 60 days on a whole foods plant based diet Client X took his first lipid panel. The results were glowing! He dropped over 60 points in his LDL, increased his HDL, and lowered his overall cholesterol by more than 70 points! His blood pressure dropped 40 points, and he has also lost weight, but that wasn’t even our goal from the start. Our next goal is to work on getting him off of his other prescriptions so he can have his life back in full.

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