How Should Your Plate Look?

Canada came out with the most accurate presentation of what you want your plate to look like daily. I think the most shocking part of this is how little 'protein' you really need. I recommend eating beans, lentils, and nuts for protein because your body can digest it more easily. If you do choose to eat animal products then remember to only eat 3 oz or fewer.

I love the expression of fruits and vegetables on the plate because it is spot on! You definitely want to fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. 🍅

Most people don't eat enough fruits or vegetables and it isn't apparent until they are staring down at their plate and realizing that meat is half of the plate and the sides are only a quarter of the plate each. Vegetables may be one of those quarters. It's time to flip the script on that idea!

Carbs are also important for your body and should be a quarter of your plate. Many people avoid carbs, and I understand avoiding processed carbs, but you want to indulge in healthy carbs! Shown here are brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, whole wheat/chickpea/lentil pasta, and sprouted whole wheat bread.

I really hope everyone noticed that there is no dairy on this plate. Dairy is in no way healthy and that's why it is not included in the plate recommendations. There is no serving recommendation of dairy because it is not required as part of our daily diet needs.

I hope this is helpful for how you should be creating your plate!

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