How to Manage Halloween

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

We've all done it... Found ourselves sitting in front of the TV surrounded by candy and chocolate wrappers and regretting our halloween treat binge. But, we still reach for the next piece of candy anyway. Or you may grab at your child's candy bag unconsciously and sneak their candy. This will not be you this scary season!

Here's how to avoid the uncontrollable candy binging.

1. Give yourself a candy allowance. Knowing you are allowed to have up to so many pieces (I recommend three) of candy will make it easier to control yourself.

2. Your allowance can only last so many days. Now that you have know you can have so many pieces of candy per day give yourself a limit on how long this is going to last. I also recommend three days so that way we aren't making this into a habit. If you go longer than three days then you are going to start expecting candy more often.

3. Choose wisely. Don't waste your allowance on any candy in the bag. Pick you favorites and either hide them away for yourself or make sure there is enough to last for three days. If you satisfy your sweet tooth with your favorites then you won't be craving them later because you didn't get them.

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