Keeping the Weight Off in Quarantine

With quarantine it can be a difficult time when you are worried about loved ones and maybe you are also a little worried about your waistline expanding. I completely understand because I have been baking with my toddler daily- something I never do. But, he loves to bake with me so I'm trying to include him in the process.

But, there is food everywhere at your fingertips so how do you not gain weight when there is so much accessible?

1. Keep sugar at bay. Now hear me out, I know I just started this post with talking about baking, but I use coconut sugar in my bakes so my body digests it as a food and doesn't have a blood sugar spike. Sugar has so many empty calories that you aren't aware of and it disrupts your sleep. The better sleep you get the more your body can keep the weight off.

2. Make a list Just like creating a routine for yourself is important so is being conscious of what you are eating. If you are eating bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner then you know you are missing out on key nutrients. If you outline your day with what foods you are going to eat or you can keep track of what you are eating you will see the gaps in your diet. Make sure to try and get five to eight servings of fruits and vegetables daily. I make sure I'm getting fruit at breakfast and lunch and then vegetables from lunch to dinner. You can also track your foods on the free daily dozen app. The app let's you know what you should be eating and how much daily!

3. Be Aware of Bored and Emotional Eating

You may find yourself staring into the fridge because you have nothing else to do. You may find yourself eating chocolate because you miss your family and you can't see them. You may be eating because you are watching a TV show and are justifying having a snack while you are eating. Only eat when you are hungry. Food is not meant for emotional help or distress, it is not meant to keep you entertained. Eat when you are feeling hungry and if you are going to eat because you are having emotional problems then call a friend or a family member. Pace and talk to them on the phone and you will find yourself not wanting the food later.

4. Alcohol

Drinking during this time can really get away from you. Maybe you are ordering in margarita kits and then having a bottle of wine in the evening. It's really easy to put down a couple of glasses and maybe even more if you aren't paying attention to how much you are drinking. I would recommend following your normal pattern of drinking. If you like to have one glass of wine in the evening then do that. If you only drink certain days of the week then I recommend following that pattern. Whatever your usual habit is I would recommend sticking to that and not going over the top with the alcohol.

5. Shop Smart

Right now when we go to the grocery store not everything is always readily available. Don't choose the processed food if this is the case. You can still choose fresh food! Many farmers are having a great crop this season so don't be worried about purchasing fresh food. Making sure you are having fresh fruit and enjoying things like salads and soups is very important for your emotional health. If you are purchasing chips, cookies, and frozen dinners choose wisely. I would avoid chips and cookies altogether, but if you need a frozen dinner I would choose something from the Amy's line.

6. Cook

It's important to support local places, but it's also important to distract yourself. If you haven't been cooking very much in a while get back into it! If you have recipes you have always wanted to try then this is the time to try them! Most people are on instagram these days anyway so utilize the app to try out new foods! I lay in bed at night while watching some show on Netflix or HBO and look at new recipes constantly. This is how I plan our meals for the week. I put together recipes that I want to try and my son can help me make and then I email them to myself. Then I have a plan for the entire week of what I want to make.

7. Stay Active

I know it can be hard to stay active right now. Maybe you aren't able to go outside because of the weather or fear. Right now is the best time to try out a new work out app, a new class, or a new work out in general. Peloton has been doing 90 days of free work outs. You can try out cycling, yoga, weightlifting, boot camp, cardio, and meditation classes. There are tons of trainers who are making their workouts available online. And if you aren't into work out classes then just go outside and go for a walk- weather permitting. The more you enjoy the sunshine the more you are going to feel better mentally and that has an effect on your weight.

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