Six Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Most people want to make sure their metabolism is running hot all of the time. They want to make sure they are getting through the calories in their body as quickly as possible. Your metabolism is kind of like a candle you don't want it to go burn through the wax immediately you want it to be a slow burn. How do you achieve the optimum levels of your metabolism? Here are my top recommendations:

  1. Get Enough Sleep: Sleep is extremely important for your body, it regulates hormones, decreases inflammation, and keeps your metabolism humming properly. The sweet spot is to get 6.5 to 7.4 hours a night of sleep. The hormones that tell you when to eat and when to stop eating are unbalanced when you do not sleep enough. This can result in you feeling hungrier more often. Your metabolism is slower from sleep deprivation and then you are putting it to the test by giving it more calories to burn than it can properly get through. Make sure you are getting enough sleep!

  2. Eat Enough Calories: Not getting enough calories can actually change your hormones and slow down your metabolism. You may think that cutting calories is going to get you skinny quick, and on top of that you are going to exercise even more! That will put your body into a deficit that it cannot maintain. Your body may lose the weight for a short period of time, but eventually it will stall and hold on to what it can because it needs it. Eat enough calories to fuel your body so it has something to burn!

  3. Drink Green Tea: Green tea is naturally high in anti-oxidants, specifically catechins. Catechins help the metabolism to burn 70-100 extra calories daily. It can increase your metabolism by 17%. Drink a cup of green tea or matcha in the morning to get the benefits!

  4. Spice Up Your Foods: Add some spiciness to your food to get a short little burst to your metabolism, around 8%. Just eating spicy foods one time will not do the trick, but eating spicy foods consistently can help with maintaining that higher level.

  5. Build Muscle: It takes more calories to maintain muscle. One pound of muscle requires an additional six calories to be maintained. Whereas, fat requires an additional two calories. When you do a weight lifting class your metabolism is burning for the rest of the day to rebuild and maintain the muscle that you have and are creating. Don't be scared to lift some dumbbells! 

  6. Drink Water: Water helps your body to process calories and is needed to help your metabolism do its job. Get enough water daily from more than just drinking from the glass, get it from your foods. Eat water rich foods like vegetables and fruits. Fruits like watermelon, berries, pineapple, and peaches are great choices. 


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