Spicy Veggie Biscuit Sandwich

I know most of you will not want to eat a veggie sandwich so feel free to add some protein to this! I would recommend some turkey breast.

I love veggie sandwiches and I will use any excuse to eat them with my homemade jalapeno biscuits! If you are wanting a great option for a breakfast sandwich on a Sunday morning, I would definitely recommend trying this out!


  • Beef steak tomato

  • Red onion

  • Avocado

  • Jalapeno vegan biscuits

  • Sir Kensington's vegan chipotle mayo

The prep for this meal is pretty easy, and you can order the ingredients as you like. 

First slice the veggies to the thickness you prefer. I always make the avocados thicker than the tomato and red onion. 

Slice the jalapeno biscuit in half and slather some chipotle mayo on one or two sides (depending on your preference). I know some of you hate mayo so feel free to leave it out.  Pile on the ingredients!

Viola! You have a spicy biscuit veggie sandwich. I serve this with a side of crispy brussels sprouts or sweet potato fries. 

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