Strawberry Nicecream

This is a three ingredient recipe that is really easy to make! It's called 'nicecream' because it is made with coconut milk instead of dairy. However, you can change the coconut milk to any other kind of milk you like. 


  • Reduced fat coconut milk

  • Honey

  • Strawberries

I used my little ninja personal serving smoothie cups to make this but you can use a regular blender. Pour the entire can of coconut milk into the blender. Add in 2 tbsp of honey (or more if you like it sweeter), and 8 strawberries. I really like the strawberry flavor, but if you don't I would reduce to 4-5 strawberries. Blend it up until it is smooth or chunky depending on your preference. 

Pour into a glass bowl and top with strawberries. Freeze overnight and then serve! This doesn't come out extremely creamy because it has less fat. if you want a thicker creamier nicecream then use full fat coconut milk.

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