Success Story

I love sharing great news about my clients and their health journeys. I always keep their identity private so for this person's anonymity we are going to call her client #2- she isn't actually the second client I have had.

Client #2 came to me with brain fog, feeling tired and sluggish, a little overweight, and having digestion issues from leaky gut. She was very ready to feel better and was willing to try anything. I started her on a gluten free and plant-based diet (gluten free because she has a gluten intolerance). Client #2 was dedicated to really going all in on the plant-based diet. She learned to cook in a new way, introduced herself and her family to new foods, and even choked down some smoothies that didn't turn out great. One of her greatest feats was learning to cook with tofu.

After three months the brain fog is gone, her gut is healed, and she has lost 25 lbs. The weight loss was secondary to our goal, but it always feels great to get back to feeling like yourself in your body. I'm so proud of Client #2 and all she has accomplished!

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