Taking a Break From Alcohol

I love having a glass of wine, a margarita, and especially a glass of champagne. After my birthday I asked myself when the last time was I had taken a true long break from drinking. I realized it had been two years! With that realization, I decided it was time to take a break from the hooch and detox. Why would I recommend this, you may ask?

  1. Your Calorie Count is Lower: I realized how many extra calories I was taking in over the weekends. Sometimes it was only 300 extra calories, but some days it could be 500! I try to keep the drinking to only the weekends, however sometimes I have an occasional happy hour. That can add up to almost 1500 extra calories a week! 

  2. You Sleep Better: Alcohol has been proven to disrupt sleep, whether you realize it or not. Some may wake up multiple times during the night after a night out and have a hard time going back to sleep. Others sleep straight through the night but are very restless. Sleep studies have shown that those who drink before going to sleep have more of a restless night and don't have quality REM sleep (deep sleep). 

  3. Your Liver Will Improve: Your liver has to work hard to break down and process the toxins from your body. Alcohol can interfere with that process. When you give yourself a break it gives your liver a boost to focus on the toxins it can process and be in top shape to do it. 

  4. Your Body Will Be More Hydrated: *Assuming you are consuming the proper level of water daily-  Your complexion will be clearer and your body will not be dehydrated from drinking alcohol. Your cells will be more hydrated and have proper function. You are less likely to be fatigued, have headaches, and feel hungry. 

  5. Cancer Risk is Lowered: You would need to stop drinking for about a year for this to really hit home, but any amount of time helps. Alcohol does increase your risk for cancer, in fact most doctors know about research and findings that show a direct link to alcohol and cancer, but they don't advertise it. 

  6. LDL Cholesterol is Lowered: The LDL (bad cholesterol) in your body can increase by up to 40% when you drink the weekly limit. For women the weekly limit is seven units and for men it is 14 units. A glass of wine is two units, a shot of liquor is one unit, and a pint of beer is two units. If you pay attention to how much you are drinking during the week those units really add up! LDL cholesterol is what contributes to the potential for heart disease, therefore alcohol can be a stepping stone to heart disease. 

  7. Blood Sugar Is Balanced: When you drink alcohol you can be ingesting a large quantity of sugar. Your body is has to process the sugar and expel it from your body and may have another spike in sugar only a few days later if you have another drink. The levels of glucose in your body can contribute to the potential for type 2 diabetes if you are not careful with how much alcohol and sugar you ingest. 

  8. Your Emotions Are More Stable: I'm sure everyone has gotten into a ridiculous argument with a friend, partner, or family member when they were drunk and woke up to regret it the next day. You may have either been the person or know a person who gets sad after a few glasses and starts bawling on girl's night out. Alcohol has both stimulating and depressive effects and as a result can influence your emotions. When you aren't drinking you don't have to worry about bawling into your pasta at the end of the evening because someone showed you a picture of puppies. 


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