Weightloss Mistakes


  1. Eating too much animal protein- If you eat too much animal protein then it turns into fat because it is stored. Make sure you are eating the proper amount of protein (whether animal or not) for your weight and height. This way your body will burn it and not store it. 

  2. Skimping on fruits and vegetables- If you are only consuming foods from dairy, animals, and processed carbs then you are not equipping your body with the right nutrients. Eating fruits and vegetables gives your body what it needs to burn fat and restore its cells. They also help to boost your metabolism.

  3. Drinking smoothies- Smoothies look great and taste great but they are very high in sugar. If you want a smoothie make sure to mix in protein (i.e. unsweetened peanut butter) and vegetables to balance out the sugar. 

  4. Trying to drop too many pounds too quickly- Realistically, you should be looking to drop one to two pounds maximum a week. Many people expect to lose up to five pounds in a week. That is extremely unhealthy. It is important to be patient and have realistic expectations about the amount of weight you will lose. 

  5. Skimping on sleep- If you are skimping on shut eye then you will be messing with your hunger hormones. I recommend that you get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Your body uses sleep to recover and when you are in the process of losing weight that recovery is very important.

  6. Using workouts as an excuse to eat whatever you want- Yay you did a work out! That does not give you permission to go eat a donut, a cookie, a slice of cake, mac n cheese, croissants.. etc. Abs are made in the kitchen so when you finish a work out replenish your body with healthy foods it craves! 

  7. Refusing to lift weights- Weights are a great way to boost your metabolism. I hear that women don't want to lift weights because they will bulk up. The exact opposite will happen when you lift weights. Your arms are going to get toned and look amazing. It also takes more calories to maintain muscle. Your body will be burning and using more calories- that sounds like a win-win to me!

  8. Sitting around too much- You need to get up and move around! Try to get a certain amount of steps in during the day to guarantee that you are up and moving around. I recommend getting 12,000 steps for those that are up to it. 

  9. Underestimating the amount of calories in food- You may not realize how many calories are in a cup of peanuts, a tbsp of mayonnaise, or a bowl of granola. It is important to start out knowing how many calories you need to take in for weight loss. If you count calories you will educate yourself in how many calories are really in each food and how much you should realistically have. 

  10. Eating too many sugary foods- Sugar can actually keep your body from absorbing proper nutrients and vitamins. It is important that sugar is not a main ingredient in each food that you are eating. 

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