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My goal was to lose about 10 lbs and develop lean muscle. Jana prepared a program and to my surprise, my self-developed diet and workout plan was actually working against my goals.

Jana recommended a different calorie matrix, new variety of foods, and a reduction of red meat. The result - a huge transformation in a short period of time. I met my goals and have maintained it for several months without a struggle. She helped me develop a system and it works.

Highly recommend Jana - she sincerely cares about your goals and is relentless in helping you achieve them.

Green Goodness

In June of 2018, my cholesterol was extremely high, and other blood work out of the norm. My friend suggested I get with Jana. Jana has been instrumental at not only helping me lower my cholesterol by 70 pts (within a month)`, and getting my other blood work back to normal, she has also helped me make permanent life changes - for the better! What I love is that Jana is always available to help, guide and support. And NEVER chastised me when I had my 'cheats', but rather helped to get me back on the path. I would highly recommend Jana no matter your goals.

Green Salad

I first approached Rose+Ginger a few months ago and it has been an amazing experience ever since. They've helped me lose more than 10 pounds and counting, my body fat % is decreasing, my energy is way up, and I'm sleeping better. Even more important is that we set goals that I'm actually achieving which is making this process fun. I’ve been able to subtly get my entire family involved in eating healthier, too 😊 The recipes are delicious, I’m enjoying this journey much more than I thought I would and I’m happy. Rose+Ginger is a blessing in my life. Thank you!!!

Chia Pudding

Jana has been instrumental in supporting my transition from a "no fat no flavor" mindset to a plant based lifestyle. During this period, I struggled with what to eat, where to find items that I enjoyed eating and what to stay away from, but Jana had solutions. Additionally, Jana would always respond to my "hangry" text and emails as if I was the most important client she had.

As a life long home Chef, I have developed a portfolio of items that were family favorites and which I enjoyed serving. Jana has helped me to translate many of these items into a vegan dish with the recommendations of substitute items or techniques.

A side benefit to all of this was that my cholesterol plummeted, my blood pressure improved, and I lost weight, which sounds like the magic elixir we all are looking for!



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