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I have always thought of myself as a healthy person until years ago, I found I was uncontrollably gaining weight and my cholesterol started to rise. I felt like I couldn't eat anything without my stomach hurting, getting bloated, or feeling a few pounds heavier the next day. I was terrified to eat!


By happenstance, I was also at a crossroads in my career. I had climbed the corporate ladder to COO and looked around and realized I didn't want to be there. I took a leap and dove headfirst into getting two certifications in nutrition, one from AFPA and one from Cornell University, and through my education and a plant-based diet, I lost 30 pounds and solved my cholesterol and digestive issues. I knew that I could do this for others and also give them the personal attention they needed to be successful!


Since Rose+Ginger Nutrition’s creation in 2017, I have helped clients overcome serious food-related diseases, especially high cholesterol. With overcoming those diseases has also come the relief of weight loss. I'm passionate about working with clients who feel like there is nowhere else to go but to medications because I've been there! 


My combined clientele has lost over 400 pounds, dropped cholesterol by over 500 points, reduced blood pressure by over 200 points, and has been cured of heart disease and leaky gut.

Do You...

Fantasize about having freedom from food and prescription medicines? Want to enjoy a meal without the fear of weight gain? Tired of taking blood pressure and cholesterol medications?

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Check out my programs to see what will work best for you! 



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